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HELL KNOW! -- Eternal Torment or Everlasting Destruction? (2016)

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Hell is a hot topic! The Bible teaches that unredeemed people will stand before God on Judgment Day and those whose names are not found in the book of life will be cast into the lake of fire. The Bible calls this the “second death.” What is the nature of this “second death”?

Will these people suffer fiery torment forever and ever, as has been taught since the time of Augustine in the early 5th century? Or will they essentially be BURNED UP—literally destroyed forever with no hope of resurrection? Dirk Waren used to subscribe to the eternal torture doctrine until he honestly studied the Scriptures and discovered what they plainly teach on the subject—literal EVERLASTING DESTRUCTION.

The biblical evidence is actually overwhelming! Read HELL KNOW and see for yourself. It leaves no stone unturned on the topic and has been a hit on the internet for years. The published version contains additional sections and this 2016 New Revised Edition is more readable, featuring 26 pages of additional material (350 pages overall).

  • The print book is available here for about $12 (351 pages)
  • The eBook is available here for just $2.99!

Both links allow you to “look inside” the book.