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Legalism Unmasked   (2018) — The New Revised Edition

Legalism Unmasked is about exposing legalism and all that goes with it. What is legalism? Legalism is counterfeit Christianity and legalists are religious hypocrites (fakes). They’re focused on the outward forms of religiosity at the expense of inward reality. As the word ‘legal-ism’ implies, legalists are focused on rules above relationship with God. Consequently, their religious systems are an elaborate system (tangled web) of rules and regulations. It’s all about “the dos and don’ts.”

This spiritual disease puts people into religious bondage and therefore churches or sects that are infected by legalism end up hurting people rather than helping them because bondage is never fun. All legalism can produce is sourpuss authoritarians or dull, impotent automatons (“sheeple”). Jesus Christ, by contrast, came to set people FREE and give them “life to the full.” Needless to say, if you’ve been abused by religious people with a Pharisaical spirit, this book is for YOU.

Legalism Unmasked stresses the antidote to legalism — a dynamic relationship with the LORD, as well as learning to put off the “old man” (the flesh) and put on the “new man” (the spirit). This involves a new way of thinking or, as the Bible puts it, being “transformed by the renewing of your mind.” If believers do this, they’ll be spirit-ruled rather than flesh-ruled and they’ll produce the fruits of the spirit, which are the fruits of God’s Character! Legalism Unmasked is the ultimate guide to legalism.

The 2018 New Revised Edition is more readable and contains 30 pages of additional material, including illustrations and diagrams (292 pages overall).

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ANGELS — Their Purpose and Your Responsibility  (2017)

Did you ever wonder about angels — what they are and what’s their purpose? The Bible says that heavenly angels are here to serve people; and each person has angels assigned to him or her. One of their functions is to protect us; another is to assist us in what we do. But what is our responsibility in angels ministering to us in these ways?

What about fallen angels — what’s their purpose? How do we keep from being oppressed or hindered by them? What about the curious Nephilim and the “sons of God” from Genesis 6?

Dirk’s new book ANGELS  provides answers straight from God’s Word (345 pages).

You can purchase low-priced copies here; or, if you prefer, you can pick up the eBook version here for only $2.99. Both links allow you to “Look inside” the book.


HELL KNOW!   (2014/2016)

Hell is a hot topic! The Bible teaches that unredeemed people will stand before God on Judgment Day and those whose names are not found in the book of life will be cast into the lake of fire. The Bible calls this the “second death.” What is the nature of this second death? Will these people suffer fiery torment forever and ever, as has been taught since the time of Augustine in the early 5th century? Or will they essentially be BURNED UP—literally destroyed forever with no hope of resurrection? And what about universalism, the idea that everyone will ultimately be saved? Dirk Waren used to subscribe to the eternal torture doctrine until he honestly studied the Scriptures and discovered what they plainly teach on the subject—literal EVERLASTING DESTRUCTION. The biblical evidence is actually overwhelming! Read HELL KNOW and see for yourself. HELL KNOW  leaves no stone unturned on the topic and has been a hit on the internet for years. This published version contains additional sections.

The 2016 New Revised Edition is more readable and contains 26 pages of additional material (350 pages overall).

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The Four Stages of Spiritual Growth   (2015)

The Bible reveals that there are four stages of spiritual growth. Understanding them is fascinating and will help you SEE where you ARE spiritually and where you need to go. It will also help you to locate where others are so you can understand their position and relate to them accordingly. STAGE ONE is actually a stage of spiritual darkness where the individual is separate from God and in need of spiritual regeneration. The next three stages apply to the development of the believer. The Bible refers to these three stages in terms of childhood, youth and maturity (1 John 2:9-14). Too many Christians get stuck in STAGE TWO, which is the institutional stage of growth where believers learn the fundamentals and are dependent upon pastors for their spiritual health. STAGE TWO is strategic and essential, but it’s unwise to get stuck there. This book shows you HOW to keep growing and provides the necessary tools.

You can purchase low-priced copies of The Four Stages of Spiritual Growth here (260 pages); or, if you prefer, you can obtain the eBook version here for only $2.99. Both links allow you to “Look inside” the book.

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SHEOL KNOW!   (2015)

What happens to the soul & spirit of unsaved people when they die? This refers to anyone who has not experienced spiritual regeneration through the gospel, which includes Old Testament saints. The Bible shows that the souls of these people go to (or went to) Sheol at the point of physical decease. Sheol corresponds to Hades. These souls will be resurrected from Sheol one day (Revelation 20:11-15), which is why Sheol/Hades is described as the “intermediate state” since it refers to the condition of unredeemed souls between physical death and later resurrection. So what’s the state of souls in Sheol/Hades? Jesus’ story of the rich man and Lazarus, if taken literal, suggests a conscious state where people either hang out in bliss with father Abraham or suffer constant fiery torment hoping for a mere drop of water for relief. SHEOL KNOW  is an honest and thorough examination of the Scriptures to determine the precise nature of Sheol/Hades. Once you see what God’s Word FULLY SAYS on the subject from Genesis to Revelation and not just a single tale that Jesus told, you’ll see the truth and, as Jesus said, “the truth shall set you FREE.”

You can purchase low-priced copies of SHEOL KNOW here (340 pages); or, if you prefer, you can pick up the eBook version here for only $2.99. Both links allow you to “Look inside” the book.


The Believer’s Guide to FORGIVENESS & WARFARE   (2012)

If you’re human you’re going to be offended. It’s part of the human experience. The Believer’s Guide to Forgiveness & Warfare offers sound Biblical guidance for believers in all cases of offense, including criminal acts. Shouldn’t Christians automatically forgive everyone for everything all the time, no conditions? No. The Bible teaches no such thing. Certainly believers should pray for their offenders and we definitely need to “cast our cares” on the LORD, venting all emotional waste, but neither of these is forgiveness. ‘Forgive’ means to completely dismiss the charge and regard the offender as innocent. The Bible provides precise instructions on when and how to do this. It’s unwise to do it prematurely. Every subject linked to offense and forgiveness is addressed, such as confrontation, repentance, venting, judging others, tough love, spiritual warfare, overcoming evil with good, righteous anger, godly shrewdness, criminal acts, self-defense and “suffering according to God’s will.”

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Gods plan

God’s Plan for the Ages   by David Reagan

What is the destiny of planet earth? What is going to be the fate of mankind? We don t have to guess! The Bible spells out God s plan for the ages in great detail through prophecies given thousands of years ago.

In this book, Dr. David Reagan presents a panoramic survey of the fundamentals of Bible prophecy, with a focus on the prophecies that relate to the end times. In the process, he reveals God s plan for the redemption of mankind and the restoration of the creation.

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The Map

The Map: The Way of All Great Men   by David Murrow

The Map, which  begins as an action thriller and then transitions into a modern-day parable, reveals the path every great man – including Christ himself – has walked.

Every Christian man needs this book to understand the path of every truly great man. Every Christian woman needs this book to understand the men in her life, including fathers, husbands and children.

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