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Announcing Dirk’s New Book

Did you ever wonder about angels — what they are and what’s their purpose? The Bible says that heavenly angels are here to serve people; and each person has angels assigned to him or her. One of their functions is to protect us; another is to assist us in what we do. But what is our responsibility in angels ministering to us in these ways?

What about fallen angels — what’s their purpose? How do we keep from being oppressed or hindered by them? What about the curious Nephilim and the “sons of God” from Genesis 6?

Dirk’s new book ANGELS  provides answers straight from God’s Word (345 pages).

You can purchase copies here for only $9.99 each.


The New Revised Edition of HELL KNOW!

This is the new, improved version with 26 pages of additional material (350 pages altogether). You can purchase low-priced copies here.

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The companion-piece to HELL KNOW is also available. The published version of SHEOL KNOW (2015) contains numerous extra sections not featured in the abridged web-version. You can purchase low-priced copies here.


The Official Slogan of Fountain of Life

Know ye the official slogan of Fountain of Life:


Why this slogan? Because it’s catchy but, more importantly, because it’s thoroughly biblical and reflects what we’re all about, as noted by these powerful passages:

FREEDOM: John 8:31-32 & Galatians 5:1

LIFE: John 10:10

JOY:  Psalm 16:11

POWER: 2 Timothy 1:6-7

For details, see this article.

Insightful Articles!

We regularly add new teachings to our Articles Page, which are conveniently marked with a New icon (including updated articles). Some are short & sweet while others are longer, but they’re all interesting, insightful and Bible-based. Be sure to check ’em out. Christ said: “People do not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God” (Matthew 4:4 NLT).

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“Sips from The FOUNTAIN” Video Podcasts

Starting in 2015 we decided to include a series of shorter video teachings — generally fifteen minutes or less — called “Sips from The Fountain.”  These mini-teachings are great for people who want some quick insights from God’s Word, but don’t have the time for a 20-55 minute video, like our other podcasts. Here are three “Sips from The Fountain” from 2015:

Visit our Videos page for more videos.

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The Four Stages of Spiritual Growth

The Bible reveals that there are four stages of spiritual growth. Understanding them is fascinating and will help you SEE where you are spiritually and where you need to go. It will also help you to locate where others are so you can understand their position and relate to them accordingly. STAGE ONE is actually a stage of spiritual darkness where the individual is separate from God and in need of spiritual regeneration. The next three stages apply to the development of the believer. The Bible refers to these three stages in terms of childhood, youth and maturity (1 John 2:9-14). Too many Christians get stuck in STAGE TWO, which is the institutional stage of growth where believers learn the fundamentals and are dependent upon pastors for their spiritual health. STAGE TWO is strategic and essential, but it’s unwise to get stuck there. This book shows you HOW to keep growing and provides the necessary tools.

You can purchase low-priced copies (260 pages) here.

For more details on this fascinating topic see this article.



Since Fountain of Life is a non-sectarian outreach we don’t receive support from a mother sect/camp and are therefore dependent on offerings. If we’ve been a blessing to you please consider supporting this world-reaching, life-changing ministry. Galatians 6:6 says:

Let the one who is taught the word share all good things with the one who teaches.

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