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The POWER of the Gospel

On October 2, 1886, Charles Darwin returned to Falmouth, England, ending a five year surveying expedition of the southern Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. He described the cannibals who lived in the South Sea Islands as primitive creatures and was convinced that nothing on earth could possibly lift them to a higher level. He thought he had indeed found a lower stratum of humankind which would fit his theory of evolution.

However, when he returned 34 years later to those same islands, to his amazement, he discovered churches, schools and homes occupied by some of those former cannibals. In fact, many of them were clothed and frequently gathered in church to sing hymns, pray and hear preaching.

The reason was soon learned: Christian missionary John G. Patton had been there preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Darwin was so moved by the transformation of those dear people, he made a very generous donation on his return home to the London Missionary Society under whose auspice J. G. Patton had gone as a missionary to that part of the world.

The Apostle Paul reminds us in Romans 1:16 that the power of the Gospel is such that no man or people are so low or primitive that it cannot bring about a marvelous transformation in every life who believes on the Lord Jesus Christ and is saved, from the highest to the lowest. In any land, the Gospel can bring complete change.

– Ken Humphries,

founder of Treasured Truth Today Ministries,

a Bible prophecy ministry in Northern Ireland.

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